Happy 2017

Hello All.  Please comment on the site if you are using anything here.  I would like to hear from you.

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4 Responses to Happy 2017

  1. Christopher Belcher says:

    Yes – I’m building right now. Thanks for the great work – dusted off my 800/810 from when I was a kid and want to back my discs up – a few seem readable. So I’m building using an Arduino Uno with the Seeedstudio SD card shield v3. It uses the same pins as your setup. I also have a 2 line LCD that works fine with the Arduino example after I changed the pins to match yours. I formatted a 128Mb SD card as FAT 16, made an ATARI directory in root and put SDRIVE.ATR in that folder. I have not made physical buttons or the SIO serial interface yet. I flashed the hex using avrdude and it verifies ok.

    But when I boot it up – there is nothing on the LCD. Not sure if it was because I have no SIO yet, or another problem. Any ideas about that behavior? (I usually build and check in steps)

    • diskwiz says:

      800/810 combo. That is great! You should be able to power it up with no SD card installed and get something on the LCD. What happens if you remove the shield and only install the LCD display to your UNO board? Let’s start with that.

    • diskwiz says:

      One other thing to check. You might want to ground your VEE LCD pin. It should be hooked up to a variable resistor for contrast. If left open, it will probably be blank.

      • Christopher Belcher says:

        LCD works fine with other sketches on that arduino so I don’t think it’s contrast or grounding. Given your new work I’ll try to put it back together again. Thanks!

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