Still Around in 2016

I apologize for the lag time in my responses.  My email link was disabled and I was missing updates.

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Released New Version of SIO2MicroSD

I have released version 1.1 for bug fixes.  It can be found on the main SIO2MicroSD page. Special thanks to “Robin” who pointed out the 16 meg issue.

Version 1.1 Fixes 2-1-2015:
– ATR images of 16 meg not working properly
– SDrive directory lists of more than one page missing an entry per page
– SDrive root directory selection on last entry was invalid

Please remember that when downloading these files, they are in docx form.  This is due to limitations of the hosting site I am using.  You need to copy all of the data in the file to your clipboard and paste it into something like “notepad” so that there is NO formatting.  It should look like a standard Intel HEX file when you are done with it.

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Fixed a broken link on the SIO2MicroSD Page

The home-made PCB schematic had a broken link. I fixed that.

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Modified Info for Arduino Users

Added some pin information for Atari SIO to Arduino pins for people who may have non-standard SIO connectors with different color wires.

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3D Rendered Images and PCB Updates for SIO2MicroSD

I am much closer to a working a new working version SIO2MicroSD.  I have a couple of parts to check for alignment, but it was almost ready for a prototype run.  I am trying to pull my friend in to the project.  He is a 3D expert and I am hoping he can help design a case.

Check out the PCB page.


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Updated PCBs

I revised my PCB designs for SIO2MicroSD.  This will make for a much more simple enclosure, if wanted.  The controls and display can still be broken out easily for my original case design, if desired also.

Prototype PCBs

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Added EPROM Utils Page

I needed to check some old EPROMS out, so I wrote a little program that would allow me to do this on my Arduino Mega.  The Mega was used as it has enough pins for all the address and data lines needed on a parallel rom chip.  This made it really easy.

EPROM Utils Page

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