SIO Config File for SIO2uSD – SDrive Style – No LCD Needed

There was a post recently from someone building an SIO2uSD with an SD shield, and it prompted me to do this.

I thought I would give you all a standard config file to start with.  Copy this to the root of your SD card.  This will help those of you who are wanting to “test in steps” as you put one together.  You could actually use an SD shield, wire up the 4 needed wires to SIO and boot up without even an LCD display.  If you left it as is, it would just be an SDRIVE-type device.

This is setup to:

  • Boot from SDRIVE.ATR file that MUST be in your Atari folder on the SD card
  • Boot at HighSpeed if routines are present
  • Do not show detail of SIO routines, other than SDrive
  • D1 contains sdrive.atr
  • D2 D3 D4 empty

Download the file below and rename it to sio.cfg and copy it to the root of your SD card. This site does not allow me to upload a .cfg extension file, so I renamed the extension docx to get it uploaded

Click on the link and save it without any changes : sio config file

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SIO2uSD Tested with Seeed Studio 3.1 Shield

I went ahead and wired up my Seeed Studio shield for testing.  I was able to boot in high-speed mode with no issues, even with all of this spaghetti wiring. 🙂 Loaded a few XEX files with no issues.



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Happy 2017

Hello All.  Please comment on the site if you are using anything here.  I would like to hear from you.

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Released New Version of SIO2MicroSD

I have released version 1.1 for bug fixes.  It can be found on the main SIO2MicroSD page. Special thanks to “Robin” who pointed out the 16 meg issue.

Version 1.1 Fixes 2-1-2015:
– ATR images of 16 meg not working properly
– SDrive directory lists of more than one page missing an entry per page
– SDrive root directory selection on last entry was invalid

Please remember that when downloading these files, they are in docx form.  This is due to limitations of the hosting site I am using.  You need to copy all of the data in the file to your clipboard and paste it into something like “notepad” so that there is NO formatting.  It should look like a standard Intel HEX file when you are done with it.

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Added EPROM Utils Page

I needed to check some old EPROMS out, so I wrote a little program that would allow me to do this on my Arduino Mega.  The Mega was used as it has enough pins for all the address and data lines needed on a parallel rom chip.  This made it really easy.

EPROM Utils Page

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Video Added

While it might not be the prettiest video in the world, it is something. 🙂

YouTube Video of SIO2MicroSD

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