Experimental PCBs

Updated 2/11/2013

I worked more on updating my PCB designs.  I found that if you want the LCD to be part of the main unit in a box, making a PCB smaller than 3″ wide does not make sense as the LCD is larger than that anyway.  You could save some cost in the creation, but the complexity of mounting the LCD would make up for that savings.

These are not finalized.  I still have to go through the parts list for availability and sizing, but this gives an idea on what I am thinking for design.  These are very close.

I have added some 3d rendered images.  I am no 3D expert but was able to get this out of Eagle 3D.  I was not able to get the MicroSD part added at this time, but these images give an idea of current layout.

When I envision my case design, I see the buttons on the PCB being replaced with mounted switches on the case itself.  This design allows for use without a case, if wanted though.  The LCD can be mounted on the main board, or soldered with a ribbon cable for different mounting configurations.



SIO2MicroSD v2: wo and w/LCD:


Here is an Arduino Shield wo and w/LCD:



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